Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Listen for the Whisper

 And your ears will hear a word behind you, saying, This is the way, walk in it, Isaiah 30:21 NKJ

Some decisions in life seem so clear.  You go forward, knowing exactly what to do, often not even giving thought about what you’re doing, but just staying on the path, sticking with the plan.  And then there is an intersection.  What if you veered off the path?  What if you went another way?   You pause and look down that path.

Sometimes you need to get off the familiar, safe path and go on an adventure.  And sometimes you need to stay on your current path, stay focused on the goal and turn away from the rabbit trails and distractions.  How do you know which way is right?  These are times when knowing how to hear from the One who knows the future pays off.  Knowing the One who knows exactly the way your life needs to go is vital. 
As it says in this Scripture in Isaiah, often there is a whisper in your ear, Someone looking over your shoulder who knows the right way.  Someone who cares for you and your future, and who will never steer you wrong.  But in order to have the courage to listen to that Voice, you need to know that you can trust it—trust Him.  God in Heaven has proven that He is Someone you can trust your life with.  He loves you.  In fact He is love itself. 
So the next time you are at one of life’s intersections before you go barreling through without question, pause and listen for the Voice, just a whisper in your ear that you need to slow down for and be quiet in order to hear.  You can trust Him.  He won’t fail you and He won’t leave you.  It may not be the easiest path, but it will be the right one.
1 John 4:8; Jeremiah 29:11; Hebrews 13:5

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Seed

The Seed is the Word of God.   Luke 8:11

Jesus told the story of a farmer who planted seed.  Spiritually speaking, the seed is the message of Jesus Christ.  It goes out looking for ground to grow in and falls on different kinds of soil, (hearts).

Some don't pay much attention to it so it gets devoured by birds, or as Jesus said, by satan who will do whatever he can to keep the Word of God out of the human heart.

Some think it sounds good at first but aren't willing to give it much room in their life so it dries up.

Some receive it but won't weed out those things that are crowding it out so it never matures.

But some give the seed what it needs, nurture it and give it a place and priority in their lives.  These people have captured the vision of the seed.  They have seen the fruit before it becomes fruit.  Maybe they've seen it in another person's life, but they get it.  They see it.  They want it and they do what it takes to bring the seed to harvest.

Jesus spoke of another seed--a mustard seed.  He compared the Kingdom of God to this seed.  It is so small and tiny.  It seems so insignificant but yet it grows into a large tree that birds can make nests in.  A tiny seed comes to your ears.  It seems so insignificant, so powerless, so unworthy of attention.  But in reality that's not the case at all.  It is very significant, very powerful and very worthy of attention.

What kind of soil will your heart be?  What will you do with the tiny, tiny seed that seems so unpromising?   The next time the Seed comes looking for a place to grow, pay attention to it, give it  place, catch the vision of the seed.  It contains an entire Kingdom, and your eternal place is found there!

Luke 13:18