Monday, May 6, 2013

A Return to the Land

God "determined their allotted periods of time and the fixed boundaries of their that they should seek God in the hope that they might...find Him" Acts 17:26-27 Amplified Bible

Throughout the Bible we see God positioning people in various lands at various times--Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Joseph and Moses to name a few.

Adam and Eve were driven from their land, the Garden, where they had been able to find God and ever since then God has been calling people to return to a land where He can be found.  A land where He will visit with the people and walk among them.  A land where we will freely worship Him, enjoy His presence, His ways and each other.  A land where people will make a place for Him-giving Him room--by setting aside that which is holy to the Lord.

When we remain in, or return to, the land of our calling we will find it to be a place where we seek and find God.  It's a place where we have opportunity to do what Adam and Eve didn't do--leave the tree alone-- setting it aside as an offering to Him.  When we do, we are giving Him place in our land and He will visit with us!  When we set aside a portion of our labor, (tithe), our time, (Sabbath) and our food/appetites, (fasting) then we are offering these things to Him, showing Him that we are seeking Him, in hopes of finding Him.  It shows we honor Him, worship Him and enjoy His presence.  It shows we are giving Him space in our life.

When people return to the land of their calling then the purposes of the cities and nations will also be restored.  The ancient ruins, which are the original purposes that were neglected or abandoned, will be rebuilt!  The original purpose has always been for a people to rise up who will worship God and enjoy communion and fellowship with Him and each other.

Just as Mary and Joseph returned to their home land prior to Jesus being born into the earth, when we yield to God's positioning us in the land of our calling and fulfill our purpose there, then we are giving Him room among us and the way is prepared for Jesus to come again to the earth as was promised!

Isaiah 61:4; Proverbs 22:28, Luke 2:3, Acts 17:26-27