Monday, February 19, 2018

What is the New Sound?

There have been prophecies about the "new sound" that is coming. When The Call with Lou Engle came to Detroit, Michigan on 11/11/2011, there were prophecies that a new sound would be released. There was a recent prophecy from Glory Zion in Corinth, Texas on January 21, 2018  saying that there would be a new sound released from Detroit and the state of Michigan. There have been many others prophesying, especially recently, about a new sound being released from Heaven.

What is this new sound? I had been asking the Lord about this and once again this morning I asked, "Lord, what is this new sound!" I said that it seems like everyone is looking for a musical sound, but it doesn't seem to be a new musical style. It doesn't seem to be a new instrument that produces a different sound, (although the thought came to me later that there could be a new instrument that represents the meaning of this new sound).

As I persisted in asking the Lord about this new sound I began to hear a "chant" which sounded like a multitude of people saying, "What's the new sound, what's the new sound, what's the new sound, what's the new sound..." It sounded like a train going down a track. "What's the new sound, what's the new sound, what's the new sound, what's the new sound..." Then I heard a melody over the top of the train sound, "The sound, is a new barrier breaking." And later on a second verse, "The sound, is God's people in motion." As this "played" over and over I realized that the new sound is more to do with speed than with tone. It has to do with the power of the sound, more than a new, unique sound itself.

This new sound is a sound barrier that's being broken. This new sound will break the barriers that have stopped the sound from going where it needs to go. The train is on track, picking up speed and momentum so the barriers blocking the sound will be broken! We are breaking the sound barrier! This new sound is a power to break through obstacles, to penetrate the air, the ear, the mind and the heart, so the Word of God can bring life to those who are bound by deception and the lies of the enemy. This is the parrésia anointing that I've written about before finally being released in its fullness!

This new sound may be released through words, but not words alone. This sound-barrier breaking energy can be released through what you do--your work, your lifestyle, and the attitude of your heart. As you live your life in creative worship to God, you will release this new sound. Your life will break the sound barrier and set people free!

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Here is a (very rough) audio replication of what I heard

Saturday, February 17, 2018

The Cloud of Witnesses

I was brought up to the throneroom of God and was seated behind the throne with a "great cloud of witnesses." These were all people who were witnesses to the goodness of God. They were testifying of His goodness for all of eternity. While I was there among them, I realized that the words we had spoken on earth would speak throughout all eternity. These words would be a strong testimony of God's goodness and would stand up against the accusations of the enemy. The enemy would bring accusations against God Himself, and our words spoken on earth were a testimony that would prove those accusations wrong. I realized how vitally important it was for us to speak of God's goodness, and all of His attributes while here on earth. Those who would accuse God, blame Him, and be bitter against Him, would not be among this great cloud of witnesses. These ones were aligning themselves with the enemy, making themselves an enemy of God.

I was also reminded of what the Lord had shown me before about God's goodness. When we say God is good, it's not that we are judging Him and determining that He meets our standard of what is good so we call Him that. No! We realize that He IS good. He is goodness itself. Goodness is defined by Him. All that He says and does is good. When we say God is good, we are saying that we submit to His definition of what good is. We don't judge Him, but we see His goodness in what He says and does, and we honor Him for that.

We must repent of any accusations we have spoken against God. We must repent of any and all words we've spoken against Him, anything along this line at all. We must be washed in the blood of Jesus. He will forgive us. Then we must remain focused to speak of His goodness. These words are eternal. This is why praise and worship is so important. We are testifying to God's goodness in a legal procedure. This cloud of witnesses was seated as in a court proceeding. The words of our testimony are legally binding. I saw that there was something powerful about the words spoken on the earth. As we spoke of God's goodness while we were here on the earth, it had a greater impact than speaking those same words in heaven. When we speak of His goodness in the midst of trouble, and the temptations are there to doubt His goodness, His love, or His faithfulness, they are powerful words of testimony that silences the enemy. And they will do so forever.