Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Proof of a Creator and His Intentions



Are you alive?
Did you cause your own life; bring yourself into existence under your own power?
Did you care for yourself immediately after your birth in order to stay alive?
Then you were given life by love; life which is love.


Consider the following:

1.      The fact that life is love is evidenced by the fact that it provides its recipients with all they need to:
a). Exist,
b). Continue to exist (both individually and as a species—both provision & reproduction capabilities),
c).  To flourish (grow, prosper).

2.      The fact that Love has both the will and ability to give life initially, and then continue to provide life for its recipients, is evidence that it has intelligence (consciousness), with both the intent and the power to make its intentions happen.
It doesn’t give life accidentally or randomly, because it continues to care for the thing it gave life to.

3.      Since Love is an intelligent being who has both the will and the power to bring things into existence, things which did not previously exist, Love is a creator.

4.      Since this loving, willful, powerful, (intelligent), creator responsibly cares for his creation, he therefore owns what he creates; decides its purpose and destiny.
The created thing can’t rightfully argue with the creator about what the creator desires to do with him.

5.      A creator has specific knowledge, intention, and power to create, therefore he can create more than one thing. He also has the right or authority to maintain order within and between everything he creates. This order (truth) will maintain his original objective of love, life, and prosperity.

6.      A creator with this degree of power may choose to create beings with a degree of will and power in themselves, assign them purpose, equip, and instruct them with what is needed to assist him in maintaining his order and original objectives.

7.      A creator who has the ability to create other beings with ability themselves, has the inherent right to protect himself and all of his creation from any attempt by that created being (or any created thing) to use their delegated abilities against the Creator, his creation, or his intentions or objectives. (Or against his assignment, will, and purpose for them).
Thus, a creator has the right and ability to both provide for and protect itself and its creation from cessation of life, which is death.

8.      Death is that which would attempt to extinguish, harm, or distort life. Anyone or anything that attempts to cause death will be subject to death itself, even from the Creator, for the purpose of protecting the Creator’s original intentions of life, love, and abundance.

9.      The original Creator is the first giver of life. The One who first loved and gave life and provision to his creation so it could continue to exist and prosper. Since he was the first, his will and authority is above all else. Consequently, this first intelligent being with intent and will, who has the power to cause His will and intentions to happen, has the rightful authority to assign purpose and destiny as he wills, and to protect His life and creation as he sees fit.

This One did in fact create, and brought into existence everything that now exists, even others with intelligence (will and intent) of their own. This original Creator is God—Lover, Provider, Protector.

10.  Therefore, God is worthy of the gratitude and loyalty of all of His creation, and He can require the adherence to His order of things to love, maintain, and protect life.

11.  God proves his existence, intentions, and power through his creation and created beings. His created beings have testified of God’s existence, intentions, and power, through the same power that God used to create—the power of words, spoken words.

12.  The testimony of God’s existence, his life, love, provision, intentions, power, ownership; his assigning of purpose and destiny; his equipping, instruction, protection, authority, and worthiness, have been spoken through his created beings and eventually documented in writing, passed down through the ages. The Bible. Since the Bible testifies of God and reveals His divine order and purpose for the human race, its truth must be adhered to in order to stay within the realm of life and love provided for by God who maintains the balance of all things.