Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Caffeine Free Prophecy

Several years ago, the Lord spoke to me about not drinking coffee before ministering in our Sunday morning services. When I asked why, He said, "It interferes with the anointing." Now before you get upset about this, I'm not saying this is a hard and fast rule for everyone. It may be that this was just true for me at the time. However, I noticed a difference when I stopped drinking coffee before ministering.

Coffee tends to make me jittery, and whenever I was ministering to people, whether teaching in a group or giving a personal prophecy, this caffeine effect would compete with what the Lord was saying, making it more difficult to minster. After I stopped drinking coffee, I noticed a greater level of peace and depth inside, and felt like I was able to hear the Lord more clearly and in greater detail and accuracy.

The point I want to make, is that we often recognize that the spiritual realm affects the natural realm. What happens in this world is birthed from the spiritual world. We know that things like doubt and unbelief can stop the promises of God from becoming a reality here. However, it's also true that what is going on in us or around us physically can stop or hinder these promises too. Fatigue, illness, anxiety, as well as food or other substances you consume, can interfere with the good things of God getting through.

Whether you drink caffeinated beverages or not, the world around us can tempt us to be rushed and hurried in everything we do--even in our time with the Lord and ministry to others. When we are in a hurry and our adrenaline is running high, how easy is it to run with the first thing that pops into our head without pausing to make sure we have the full understanding of what the Lord is revealing? We need to be sure we are listening to everything He is saying, and that we understand it correctly.

You know how annoying it is when someone interrupts you? How much worse is it when they turn around and tell someone what you said, and it wasn't even accurate because they never let you finish what you were saying! They didn't take the time to make sure they understood the whole point you were trying to get across. If we're not careful, we can do this to the Lord too, and end up "prophesying" things to people that are not completely accurate.

These kinds of prophecies or teachings are very shallow at best, and can be very wrong and misleading. Of course, we all make mistakes and thank God for His mercy when we do. We don't intentionally want to mislead people and He knows that. But we don't want to be careless either just because we allow the things of this world to hurry us up and not listen to Him fully. Make it your goal not to give out "caffeinated prophecies," but to walk in His peace at all times so you can hear, understand, and release the full depth of what He's saying!