Friday, April 7, 2017

A New Season of Seeds

It's Spring time! It's time to examine our soil and prepare for a new season of seeds! This is a spiritual season as well where we need to allow the Son to warm the soil of our hearts, so we can nurture the seeds He desires to grow within us. Both the written and spoken Word are destiny seeds planted within us that will cause us to be fruitful in everything the Lord has planned for us in His great garden! (Matthew 13:19).

The challenge is that the enemy will try and plants seeds within our heart as well. Seeds of resentment and a host of other related seed get thrown at our hearts through various ways. As a means of self-protection, the temptation might be to harden the ground of our hearts to keep the bad seed out. However, this keeps our soil in a frozen, winter state--a barren place where the good seed cannot grow either. Instead, we need to allow the sun to warm and soften our heart-soil, so we can nurture the fruitful seed of the Spirit within. (Galatians 5). So how do we protect our soil from bad seed?

Watch over your heart with all diligence,
For from it flow the springs of life.
Proverbs 4:23

Once seed is planted, you don't dig it up. If you try and dig up the bad seed, you will dig up the good seed with it. It does no good to dig through the soil trying to separate good seed from bad seed. By the way, you don't want to dig up the good seed to try and examine it and see what kind of seed it is either. You need to nurture it, and let it grow or it will never bear fruit! You will see the fullness of what God has called you to as long as you nurture the seed, keep your soil soft, receive the sunlight and water necessary for growth!

You need to catch the bad seed before it even hits the soil or has a chance to penetrate! However, the enemy makes it very difficult at times, throwing seed at you from several directions, when he does, we don't want to harden our hearts. We want to continue to nurture the good seed, properly caring for our heart-soil, remaining on guard over it, so we recognize any seedlings of the enemy that might have gotten through as soon as they spring up. In this stage, they can be easily pulled out, root and all, as long as our soil is still soft. The softer our hearts, the surer we are that all the seedling is removed.

We must not neglect the guarding of our heart, because we don't want any bad seed to get the chance to develop a root system. If it does, it requires much more working of the ground to remove the root, which delays the growth of the good seed, and the fruitfulness that will come from it. Happy gardening!