Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Softening Rain

You soften the earth with showers
Psalm 65:10 NLT

This summer in Michigan has been quite rainy. The spring rains carried farther into summer than normal. As a result, the soil is softer than usual. One thing I've found while gardening is that the softer the soil, the easier it is to pull out the smaller weed roots—those roots that are so fine that you don’t notice them easily and may not even realize they can still grow.
This is how it is with spiritual weed roots as well.  Roots of bitterness, sarcasm, criticism and selfishness can spring back up even after we think we've chopped those weeds down. We've got to get the roots—all of them—and the softer the soil of our heart is, the more of the root we’ll be able to remove.

When the rains of the Spirit come—the rain that seems to be too much at times—let it soften your heart even beyond what you think is “normal” so every trace of every selfish root may be removed. Take advantage of whatever tough times come your way, and the softened heart that comes of them, and take out every last trace of every evil root.

August 11, 2013