Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Recharging America's Battery

Early this morning, on election day, I had a dream. It was a very brief dream, but very clear. I saw a man who was trying to hook up jumper cables to a battery. He was very unsure of himself and therefore hesitant to connect them. Then I heard these words, "You can't recharge, if you don't know how to properly hook up to the power." And then, "If you want to restart the country, you have to know how to recharge the battery." Then I woke up.

Knowing that God is the power source, my question was, What is the battery and how do we charge it?

A battery holds and maintains a charge--a charge which came from a source of power. There is a play on words here. Charge is not only an electrical current, but also an instruction or command from a higher authority to do something specific (I charge you to do this). It authorizes the person to perform that task. It can also give a person a management type of authority over something. (You are in charge of this office). So the battery of America holds God's "charge" to the country. It contains the power and authority to fulfill His charge. Who is this? The church. God's people. The Ekklesia. We should be holding and maintaining the charge of God to this country.

How do you hold a charge in a car battery? Two ways. By staying connected to the power source, and by driving the car. It loses its charge when it just sits there, unless its connected to an active power source. We need both times of being active and times of being quietly connected to the power source in order to remain fully charged.

So the church was commissioned to receive and hold the charge of God for America, so she could fulfill her purpose (which is His purpose). Once that charge was lost, the country stalled out and couldn't complete her purpose. The battery must be re-connected to the power source and be re-charged. He wants to recharge and recommission His people so we can restart America!

In recent years America has "lost her charge" which has caused her to weaken and decline. It’s the responsibility--the charge-- of the church to maintain the commission of God to America. The country as a whole has stalled in her purpose. To restart America, we must reconnect to the One who holds the power and recharge our charge. The church has not remained active in America so the power has drained out of her. It's not just about connecting to Him so our family can be blessed. It's about charging America with the power of God. Releasing His power flow into the country. The church--God's people--are the only ones who can do this!

The battery contains a "current" so the battery has a "current charge." To maintain our current charge, we must keep the charge current. As those who hold the charge die, there must be new ones take their place that also hold the charge. This means we must charge the newcomers to America--our children, but also the immigrants. We must pass the charge on to them. They must learn how to connect to the Lord themselves in order to hold and maintain His charge to America, and keep America functioning according to her purpose.

Father, please forgive us and our nation for allowing our charge from You to die out in America. Show us how to recharge properly and confidently with You and Your power, commissioning, and authority. Show us how to keep the charge going by fulfilling that purpose. Show us how to keep it from dying out by connecting the newcomers to this country--our children and the immigrants--with You. So they can also be charged by You. Help us to recognize that our power, our commissioning, and our charge, comes from You and You alone. We want no other source of power. You are the only true source of power. You alone can empower us to be a living, functioning country, that fulfills our purpose--which is Your purpose. Your charge is our charge.

American church---it's time to reconnect! We put on the jumper cables. We connect America, and the church of America, currently, without hesitation, properly, and confidently to our Heavenly Father--the Most High--so His power and commissioning can flow into His people and this country. We allow His charge to charge us and empower us to fulfill America's purpose, and we pass this charge on to the newcomers of this country so it will not die out again!