Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Land of Your Anointing

"The land of your anointing is your piece and portion of the Spirit of God. It’s the breath He has breathed into you. It began when the Spirit of God pulled together dirt from the earth, breathed into it and brought it to life. He took this creation and put him in a garden where he would grow hungry for the fruit of the land he came from. It was a place where he was to choose to be filled only with that which God had provided and leave a portion set aside as holy to the Lord. He cultivated the land, revealing and enhancing the beauty of God’s creation. Joy, gratitude and worship occurred as a result. As you agree with God’s purpose for you, the same thing happens.
We know that our purpose is to worship Him, but there’s such depth in that. Your expression of worship is unique. God loves diversity. Every snowflake is different. Our fingerprints are all different. You will find your unique expression of worship and gifting from the Spirit of God. He is not holding back on you. He is not trying to keep your purpose a secret!"
A quote from my new book, "Living in the Land of Your Anointing" being released excited! God wants you to discover the beauty of His creation--and your purpose for being created!

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