Thursday, January 23, 2014

Meeting the Need

"You give them something to eat!"
Luke 9:13

I've found, at times, when I mention to the Lord that someone has a need, He will often tell me to meet that need. Sometimes this catches me off guard because I'm not expecting Him to tell me to do something about it--I was asking Him to do something about it! He did this with the disciples who came to Him and told Him to send the hungry crowd of 5000 away because they had no food. He said, "You give them something to eat!" The Lord has told me to take care of a financial need for someone else, even when it looked like I didn't have the money either! The disciples certainly didn't have enough food to feed the 5000, nor did they have enough money to go buy food. However, the Lord was trying to teach them something--you have more resources than you think you do! If you will do what He says, and give what you do have to Him, it can go farther than you ever dreamed!

The guy with the midnight friend is an example of someone who knows that the Lord is the source of all supply. He has the words, He has the wisdom, He has the power to take care of any need there is, and He said, "Everyone who asks, receives..." (Luke 11:10). Don't give up and walk away with your need unmet. Don't send others away with their need unmet, but let Him meet the need! Seek Him for the way to make it happen!

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