Saturday, September 20, 2014

Greater is He Who is in You!

When praying about what is going on in the world today, and the evil that seems to be running rampant, the Lord reminded me that the Spirit of God in His people is greater than the evil that is in the world. The Spirit of God within you, is more powerful than the evil in the world!

every spirit that does not confess Jesus
is not from God;
this is the spirit of the antichrist,
of which you have heard that it is coming,
and now it is already in the world.
You are from God, little children,
and have overcome them;
because greater is He who is in you
than he who is in the world.
1 John 4:3-4

I was reminded to put more faith in the Spirit of God living through me, than evil spirits living through others. Our faith is not in what we can do for God, but what He can do through us. The blood of Jesus is powerful enough to wipe out every sin from our life. This is the basis of our faith. Do we think our sin, faults and shortcomings are too much for the blood of Jesus? Do we think that what He did on the cross wasn't enough to change our hearts into one that can receive the Spirit of God? Absolutely not! No more false humility! It's time to rise up with courage and confidence in what our God can do through us. If you believe in Jesus Christ, you have the Greater One living in you!

For whatever is born of God overcomes the world; 
Who is the one who overcomes the world,
but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?
1 John 5:4-5

Not long ago Psalm 93:7 seemed to jump off the page at me:

when the wicked sprouted up like grass 
And all who did iniquity flourished, 
It was only that they might be destroyed forevermore.

When evil seems to prevail, it's only so that it can be dealt with. God will take care of wickedness in the earth. His heart is open towards those who love Him and call upon Him as David said...

The Lord is near to all who call upon Him,
To all who call upon Him in truth.
He will fulfill the desire of those who fear Him;
He will also hear their cry
and will save them.
The Lord keeps all who love Him,
But all the wicked He will destroy.
My mouth will speak the 
praise of the Lord,
And all flesh will bless His holy name forever
and ever.
Psalm 145:18-21

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