Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Lord, If it's You...

Peter said to Him,
"Lord, if it is You,
command me to come to You
on the water."
And He said, "Come!"
And Peter got out of the boat,
and walked on the water
and came toward Jesus.
Matthew 14:28-29

Peter said, "Lord if it is You." He didn't want the contrary path to lead to just an image of Jesus, some kind of form that wasn't really real, he wanted it to lead to the real Jesus. Just like Peter, we should have the same desire, that whatever path we follow, we want it to lead to the living and real presence of the Lord--not just an image, or a form, or a ghost of memories past. Even if the path we are on is full of miraculous display, if it doesn't end up with us in His presence, then what is it worth? No matter how cool it looks, if it just leads to a form of Jesus and not His living, real, presence, it's not worth a thing.

When we know that our path leads to the Lord, we can put up with some turbulence. All of that doesn't matter if it takes us into His arms. In fact, Peter realized that the way Jesus was doing it, not fighting against the wind, not putting out a bunch of effort trying to row the boat contrary to the wind, was the way to go. Our own efforts won't do a whole lot when we're fighting against the wind. How much better off would we be if we would work with the Holy Spirit, instead of against Him? 

When Jesus and Peter got into the boat, the wind stopped. Even the wind obeyed Jesus. It cooperated with Him. If His plan became to row the boat to the other side, the wind cooperated with the change of plans, whatever He wanted to do, it would obey. Jesus has been given all authority in heaven and on earth. He was trying to teach His disciples about His authority in the earth, and how they too could operate in the authority He had given to them. How often do we pray, "Lord if it's Your will..." when we might do better by praying, "Lord if it is You..." If it brings man into the presence of God, teaching and training them in His ways, then He has given us the authority to do it.

Seeing Jesus operate in His authority, can be a frightening thing, but when we know Him well enough to recognize His voice, He calms our fears. The very thing we say we want--a miraculous walk with the Lord--can also be frightening. However, He is right there to help us, and to teach us, how to walk as He did in the earth. When we are in pursuit of meeting with Jesus, we must not be afraid, but walk out in the authority He has given. As we examine the paths that are presented before us each day, may we pray, "Lord if it is You, I will take courage and not be afraid! I will walk on Your authority. I will meet with You!"

Read the whole story in Matthew 14: 22-33, Mark 6:45-52
See also Matthew 28:18-20

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