Thursday, November 10, 2016

Three Kinds of People

A battle has been won. We now have someone as president of the United States who wants our country to remain in place as a sovereign nation. We will soon have someone in office who will work to restore the American dream and keep our nation free. Yet, there are those who are not happy about Donald Trump being elected president. Already I have noticed at least three kinds of people that fall into this unhappy group. Those who are angry, those who are afraid, and those who are deceived.

Those who are angry are those whose plans have just been stalled. They were moving along nicely with a president who had declared America a Muslim nation, paving the way for Sharia Law to replace the constitution. They have been working hard to erase historical facts and replace them with those that fit their agenda. They had begun an intense socialist and sexually perverted indoctrination of our little ones for the past 7-8 years through Common Core, also dumbing down our kids through confusing math concepts that make the "right" answer the "popular" answer. They had just about mastered the use of the press and social media to sway public opinion and make those who stand for righteousness appear to be fools. They had classified several people who stand for truth to be labeled as threats to our nation by the southern poverty law center. They would not let up trying to take away the country's second amendment rights to keep and bear arms in order to protect themselves from a tyrannical government. They had intimidated Congress--the most powerful of the three governmental branches--into a useless puppet of the out of control administration, not batting an eye as the president ran the country into debt, gave billions of dollars to our enemies and issued executive orders as if he were a king. They stood by as the Supreme Court trampled on the tenth amendment by making a decision that was the right of the individual State's to make, not the Courts, in the gay marriage decision. These enemies of our nation dwindled the power of the military by imposing ridiculous rules of engagement. They file lawsuits, make accusations of hate crimes, and work to change the laws while gathering a group of sympathetic followers to help them. These are things the enemies of America have done and they are angry that they cannot continue to bring America down at the accelerated pace they've enjoyed.

Next are those who are fearful. These are often minorities who have been lied to and don't understand what Trump and those who support him want to accomplish. For many of them, their fear causes them to be angry. However, they make accusations of hate, not because they have a hidden agenda to destroy America like the angry crowd does, but because they are afraid of what is going to happen to them or their loved ones. They don't understand that those who are pursuing the American dream, and are willing to work instead of relying on governmental handouts generation after generation, are not targets of Trump. Those who accept the constitution and are willing to live by it and assimilate into American culture are not targets either. The fearful don't understand that no one is trying to take away their culture, unless it violates the protection and freedoms that the constitution guarantees. They don't understand that our constitution guarantees the right of free speech--not the right for them to not be offended. Yet for those in this group who don't want to assimilate into America, or who don't want to work for a living, but want to use what was meant to be temporary/emergency governmental assistance (welfare) as a lifestyle, they cry loudly, and try to force acceptance of their beliefs on others. They prefer the socialist agenda and like the "promises" of those who promote it.

Then we have the deceived. These people don't see the hidden agenda of the first group at all. They truly believe that there is nothing wrong with the socialist and/or Islamic agenda advancing in America. They don't understand the threat it would bring. They don't see the freedoms that it takes away from our kids and grand-kids. Many of these, but of course not all, are young ones who have been under the indoctrination of Common Core in the schools and the liberal influence in the colleges, which has been in place even longer than Common Core. These are the "useful idiots" as Lenin called them. Sympathizers who blindly support a communist agenda--or in this case a socialist agenda that leads to communism. Those in this group tend to sympathize with the first two groups, even if they are not in those groups themselves.

We also have a fourth group. These are the frustrated. These are those who are (rightfully) angry at the first group, dumbfounded at the second group, and frustrated at the third group. Their anger or frustration might cause them to lash out inappropriately at times, which fuels the fire and gives ammunition for the first three groups. However, even with their flaws, the fourth group truly cares about America. They do not want her to lose her sovereignty. They do not want to build the tower of babel called globalization. They don't want a country, much less a world, without borders--without protection from those who want to destroy us. They want America to remain a free country which allows people to preserve their cultures, their families, their religion, and their personal dreams. They want to teach their children what they value, not be forced to have a governmental agency determine what their children are to value. They don't want oppressive Sharia Law. They understand that the government is to be run by "We the people." That local control and limited federal government is always best.

So, what can the fourth group, the ones who see, do? First of all, be aware when having a discussion with someone who doesn't agree with you, what group they fit into. Are they one who intentionally wants to destroy America? Or, are they just afraid of something they don't need to be afraid of? Are they fearful because things will be changing for them and they don't see it as a good thing? Or are they simply clueless and can't see you as anyone other than a bigot? Knowing how they see things will help you understand them and love them--wanting what's best for them--so you can respond appropriately. It will also help you from being frustrated and lashing out inappropriately. Some people you simply can't talk to.

Another thing the fourth group can do is to use our God-given weapons. Our weapons are not fleshly weapons, but they are powerful and they destroy strongholds. They destroy the arrogant ideologies that contradict the knowledge of God. We are to take these thoughts, these ideologies, captive to the obedience of Christ.* We are to address the thinking that opposes the Lord, personally first, and in times of intercession and prayer, but also to others. We are not silent, but we speak the truth, of course, in love. Once again, it helps to know which group the person we are speaking to is in.

Pray. Pray for all those in authority. Pray for Trump to have the wisdom, ability, strategy, resources etc. to truly restore America. Pray for his protection. Pray for the other two branches of government--Congress and the Supreme Court. When we pray, we do so on behalf of all men.* Our prayers will affect everyone in the country--even those who don't agree with us. Hopefully, some will see that this was the right direction for our county to go.

Seek the Lord and ask Him what your part is in helping America recover, and to prevent her from going down this path that we've been on again. Our enemies will not stop and we must not either. We must teach our children--what is your part in that? We must deal with the tremendous amount of refugees that have been brought into this country and then left to fend for themselves--the ones who did not come here to destroy us, but who have lived under Sharia law and have no clue how to live under American law. And of course, we must deal with those who are our enemies and want to bring us down. Some of these enemies are already in positions of influence. Ask the Lord what your part and place is in making America greater and more in line with the will of God than ever before!

*on behalf of all men: 1 Timothy 2:1-4
*our weapons: 2 Corinthians 10:3-5

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