Saturday, December 10, 2016

Guarding the Home Base

One day, David and his men returned home to Ziklag and found that the Amalekites had burned their city and kidnapped their families. Needless to say, they were quite upset. David sought the Lord to see if they should go after them, and He said go. David and 600 men went on the rescue mission. At one point 200 men were too exhausted to continue, so they stayed behind with the baggage. The 400 men continued, won the battle, rescued their families, and recovered all their stuff. Now, some of the 400 didn't want to share the spoils with the 200. In fact, they wanted them to leave with their families. But David said no. He made a law that whoever stays behind with the baggage receives the same share as those who fight the battle. (1 Samuel 30).

David had learned something. Who was guarding their families while he and his army were off fighting? Was anyone? Their families were kidnapped and their homes burned. He wouldn't make that mistake again. Someone needs to guard the families. Some people are called to go on the mission. Some people are called to guard the stuff.

We hear a lot, in America, about missionaries who go out to preach the gospel and do good Christian works around the world. This is good, and many are called to do this. In fact, we've been able to do this because of the home base support here in the States. However, I think we have not properly recognized the call of some to guard the home base. In fact, we've neglected it to some degree. I believe God is making people aware of their call to guard the home base. Like the families in Ziklag, America is in need of those to guard the homes and families. We need people to properly fill their home base posts to protect and rebuild America!

To do this, we must first identify--How does the enemy come in?

First, through the womb. Thousands of people enter America every day through the womb. These people are sent from God so they are not meant to be a threat. Children are like fresh waters flowing through America, keeping us alive and vibrant. Many have been killed trying to enter through this gate through abortion. These people are meant to be a blessing, yet if children are not taught the ways of the Lord, they are in grave danger of falling prey to deception and false teaching, and becoming a threat to our home base. What was sent to us as gifts from heaven, become used against us and God's work. Children are an entrance gate.

Next, people enter America physically from other countries. Many of these are threats because they want to conquer us and impose oppressive laws. Our immigration policies and military should properly assess and address these threats. If those at this post properly adhere to the Constitution of the United States, our Christian home base is protected. Physical borders are an entrance gate.

Lastly, the enemy infiltrates our people through untruthful thoughts and ideas, such as through the internet, media, or false teaching. We combat this by bringing every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. Governmental censorship is not the answer to stop potential threats through this gate because that gives the government power over families. God's design is for parental authority, under God's authority, to govern families, not a governmental entity. Parents and ministers need to teach people, and kids especially, to know the Lord and be filled with His Spirit so they enter into a relationship with Him, share His heart, and develop proper discernment. There are lies all over the internet--cartoons telling kids that Christians and Muslims serve the same God. False religions and ideologies are going after young kids on-line and in schools, trying to indoctrinate them with beliefs contrary to the Word of God. Thoughts are an entrance gate.

It's time to guard the gates! We've done it sporadically, but not in a systematic, intentional, and consistent manner. We need to be diligent in standing at our assigned post and remain watchful. We need to train and become excellent in the skills needed for the post we are called to.

How do we watch for the enemy at our assigned post?

1. Recognize your call to guard the homeland.
2. Seek God for your specific assignment. (For example, are you called to have an on-line presence looking out for threats to young kids? Or maybe you're called to teach the basics of the Word of God in a Sunday School class. Maybe you're a parent or grand-parent and called to nurture your own kids in the Lord. Maybe you're to stand guard in the schools--through prayer, legislation, or keeping an eye on school policies and practices.)
3. Prepare. Be diligent to receive education and practical skills needed for your post.
4. Take your post. Watch diligently. Don't slack off. Don't sleep on duty. Do it!
5. Remember that your place is not insignificant, stay encouraged.

The treasures we are guarding are living treasures-people. Some may have the primary task of watching for threats. Those who do must take care not to allow paranoid suspicion to cloud out proper, loving, discernment. Otherwise, we become oppressive towards the very treasures we are trying to protect. Some may have the primary task of nurturing the living treasures. Those who do need to be careful not to criticize those who are standing guard, thinking they are too harsh in their stance against potential threats.

How do we guard without being oppressive?

1. Pray for the treasures (people) you are guarding, pray in the Spirit.
2. Be an example of the Lord to them, and of the Christian faith.
3. Teach the ways of the Lord--discernment, guidance, and discipline when necessary.
4. Allow creativity and free will.
5. Ultimately, they need to grow in relationship with the Lord and be filled with the Holy Spirit themselves.

Parents, don't just teach your children the ways of the Lord, but teach your children how to teach their children the ways of the Lord. Peter said, "I will also be diligent that at any time after my departure you will be able to call these things to mind." (2 Peter 1:15). Those under our care need to be able to call to mind the things we've taught them after we're gone. Our children need to know how to train their children in the ways of the Lord, helping them to call to mind the things they've taught them. Our faith is not to end with our generation!

We have neglected guarding our home base to a certain degree, but we've not completely vacated our posts. Our enemy has snuck up on us through gaps in the wall. But now, he's being exposed. As he is, we see that we've been surrounded and infiltrated. It may be shocking to see the extent of the infiltration. However, the Lord hears our cries and our prayers. As we encourage ourselves in the Lord, and inquire of Him like David did, following the words He speaks, we will rescue our families and rebuild our homes. But we must never forget the importance of having those who will guard the home base. we can't send out all of our resources and leave our homes unprotected.

Lift up your head--above the cloud of your own daily distractions--and ask the Lord what part you play in guarding the home base.

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