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Which Seed are You Watering?


The Bible tells us that with the heart man believes (Romans 10:10).

Your heart is really a mixture of your spirit and soul, not your spirit alone.

God has given everyone (who believes in Him) a measure of faith. (Romans 12:3, Ephesians 2:8).

When this seed-measure of faith germinates up into your soul, and you believe and confess Jesus as Lord, salvation results. You are born again (Romans 10:10, John 3:3-7).

But the seeding’s growth is just beginning.


One who is born into the family of God is one who does the will of the Father (Matthew 12:46-50),

which is to believe in Jesus (John 6:29). But the will of the Father is not just to believe in His Son, but to do as Jesus did—which was to submit His will to the Father. We are to believe in Jesus, and then do the same as He did—submit our will to the Father (Luke 22:42, Luke 9:23).


When your soul so fills with belief in God—when the old strongholds of pride, self, and that which opposes Him are replaced with submission to Him and His will in obedience to His Word—then you have true faith in God. Then you can move mountains. (Mark 11:22-23).


As the old root systems of your soul are removed, the Word of God is given room to grow so it can take deep root in your heart, and fill every place of your heart and soul. Full commitment, full surrender. Full death to the old self. This is what it means to take up our cross daily and follow Him (Luke 9:23). Then, evidence of your faith—fruit—will be seen in your life.


Prayer: How much do I still feed on what I can “get” out of God? How many of the old thought processes and belief systems do I have? Holy Spirit, purge these from me! I want pure faith in God!


The will of our soul wants to stay in charge. It wants to keep the old roots there, and then as the Seed of God’s Word is planted within us, it wants to feed on that. It wants to consume the Word for its own purposes, devour it for purposes that feed self and oppose God, instead of leaving it to grow and produce the fruit of God’s will in our lives.


In the garden, Adam and Eve were told to leave the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil alone (Genesis 2:17).

But they didn’t, and lost the presence of God. This seed of their disobedience is already in our soul when we are born. Will we cultivate it? Will we eat of its fruit? Or will we leave it alone? If they would have left it alone, their obedience to His Word would have allowed God to continue to walk with them in the cool of the day. But they consumed that fruit for themselves, in disobedience to Him, and were driven from His presence.


Today, when we leave that seed which opposes God alone, and eat of the tree of Life instead—by obedience to Him—we are keeping the presence of God within, allowing Him to dwell in us, walk with us, and fill our heart and soul.


We are born again of the imperishable Seed of the Word of God (1 Peter 1:23). It is life, eternal. We partake of that tree of Life when we believe in Jesus, but then we must water that Seed, nurture that Seed. Just as a seed draws nutrients from the soil around it, and the substance of the plant is formed and created from that, so must we give soil to the Seed—the Word of God which yearns to grow within us. We want to allow the Word-Seed to draw us into it, as seed does soil, so we become what the Seed is meant to become in us—Christ-like. We must give our heart and soul over to the Word of God.


We don’t want to neglect to pursue understanding of the Word of God that we hear or read, allowing it to be devoured. We don’t want to crowd it out with our rocky strongholds, nor allow compromise to compete with its place in our life (Matthew 13).


God placed Adam and Eve in a garden with the tree of Knowledge fully grown, bearing fruit; fruit which was to be left alone, left for God’s purposes. Yet the tree of Life was to be consumed, and their obedience to what God said would water it so it could grow and bear fruit in their lives. Yet we have the seed, the fruit, of that tree of Knowledge in our soul. We inherited it. The only way to not reap the results of that seed, is for the Seed of God’s Word to be planted in us, for us to be born-again, and then for us to nurture that Seed, submitting our will to the Father’s, living in obedience to it, and receiving the life from it.


Today, as believers, we have His Seed planted within us. We’ve been born again of the imperishable Seed of the Word of God. Will we allow it to grow and fulfill God’s purposes in us? What He has destined for us to become? What He has written in His book for us? What He has created us for? Which is to be conformed to the image of His Son, the Word of God, the same Seed. (Romans 8:29). This imperishable, unstoppable Seed will accomplish the purposes of God, as long as we maintain faith in Him, and not let it slip (Isaiah 55:11, Colossians 1:21-23).


They were in a garden with two trees.

We have one of the tree’s seed planted in us at birth.

The other Seed is planted in us at our new birth.

Will we nurture the wrong seed, keeping God’s presence from us?

Or will we give the Seed of His Word room in our life? Will we give it the soil of our heart that it needs to grow us into the image of Christ?


This is why our hearts must be pure, our will (soul) submitted to Him, for us to have answers to our prayers and power to our words. We must first be made into His image.

Are you a Christian? Are you Christ-like?

Is His Seed growing in you? Is that the one you are nurturing?


Being born again is just the beginning. Feed off the right tree. Feed on the Word of God.

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