Saturday, June 8, 2024


A call and response exhortation for the nation

Get up and walk!
Come out of your paralysis.
You’ve been paralyzed, unable to do what you need to do.
Rise and be healed!
Believe in the Lord!
Rise in faith, for your sins are forgiven (Luke 5:17-26).

The Spirit of evangelism is on you right now.
This is where God is moving.
This will free you from your paralysis.
GOD IS MOVING. Move with Him, in Him.
In Him ONLY do you live, move and exist (Acts 17:28).
If you try and move apart from Him, you’ll be paralyzed—not able to move.

Zacharias couldn’t speak because of UNBELIEF (Luke 1:20).
As the religious spirit is paralyzed, you must be free from it to move with God and do His works!
The religious spirit is full of UNBELIEF and HYPOCRISY.

PARALYSIS requires healing and SLEEP PARALYSIS requires an awakening!
Come out of both!
Come out of your sleep paralysis!
Wake up! Blow the trumpet! Sound the alarm!

Evangelism is not only for the salvation of unbelievers,
but for believers to fully accept Jesus as true Lord of their lives.
A continual, increasing Lordship of Jesus over your life.
Fully embrace Jesus as Lord.

Open our eyes!
Wake us up so we see You, and what You are doing (John 5:19).
So we get up and do the same (John 14:10, 12).
Give us true faith—the revelation of You in our heart that frees us from paralysis.
See our faith, our determination, to get to You at all costs (Mark 2:5; Mark 5:28).

You intercessors who are carrying a paralyzed America—
Tear off the roof!
You’ve said, “No matter what, we must get America to You. Lord, see our faith!”
God sees, and He says to the paralyzed nation, Rise, get up and walk!
Move with Me!

God is moving. Catch up and keep up.
Follow the pillar. Follow His move. Follow Him. (Exodus 13:21).
Come out of unbelief and hypocrisy. (Luke 1:20, Matthew 15:8).
Throw off the religious spirit.
Religion paralyzes.
If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, when He has moved on to something else,
then you won’t be able to move.

Hypocrisy is when God has moved on, but His people didn’t move with Him.
Hypocrisy is when the lips honor Him, but the heart is far from Him (Matthew 15:8/Isaiah 29:13).

Save these ones who have experienced a false salvation. Who didn’t really believe, who didn’t have true faith in their heart, yet we led them in a prayer. We only gave them religion. We created hypocrites and discipled them in it! God forgive us and save them!

Fully yield to the Lordship of Jesus.
His Spirit of evangelism is rising on you. Rise with Him.
Let true faith rise in your heart, in your land.
Receive the revelation from the Spirit of God of who Jesus is,
the drawing of the Father Himself. (John 6:44, 45, 65; Isaiah 54:13, Jeremiah 31:34).
Let faith germinate in your heart!

We are humble, yet determined (Matthew 8:8, Mark 7:25-30).
We respond to You and Your Word.
We will get up and walk.
We will join with You to do Your will.
Breathe Your Word into us so we preach and teach Your true gospel
With Your presence, power, and boldness (Acts 4:29-31).

His Word has been breathed into you.
Breathe in His Word and believe!
Let faith rise.
Receive His Spirit, His presence, His power, His bold parrésia anointing to speak His Word (Acts 4:29-31).

Get up and walk!
Hope rides on the dawn.

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