Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bad Breath!

"...Indeed, has God said,...?" Genesis 3:1

When words are spoken breath is released. This breath creates an atmosphere of life or death depending, not only on the words spoken, but the heart-motivation of the speaker. The words of the serpent to Eve created an atmosphere of doubt. Doubt about God, and about what He said and what He meant. Doubt about His intentions and sincerity for Adam and Eve. This is bad breath! We want to stay away from those breathing out bad breath and creating an atmosphere of doubt, suspicion and a feeling of lack.

On the contrary, Jesus is the Word of God made flesh. His life is a story--a living example--of the Word of God. He is the very breath of God and His life here on earth perfectly revealed the breath of God--His intentions, His love and what He desires for His people. When we spend time breathing in the Words of God, as intended by His Spirit, we surround ourselves with an atmosphere of love, faith, peace and all that He is. As we do this, our breath becomes exhales of His breath and creates life atmospheres wherever we go.

Jesus often spoke in parables to teach the ways of the Father, yet His life was a story too. The Word of God is full of stories about people. When we study the stories of man--history--they also speak about the ways of God. Breathe in..breathe out...the life-filled breath of God!

John 1:14

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