Friday, July 4, 2014

Perfection or Truth?

I have seen a limit to all perfection; Your commandment is exceedingly broad.
Psalm 119:96

There is a difference between perfection and truth. Human "perfection" has limitations. The judgment of man which tries to define and attain perfection apart from the commands of God brings bondage. It sets a standard of conformity that limits creativity and expansion because everything is tested by man's understanding. Even if we try and live by God's commands according to our own understanding and judgment of it, we will live by the letter of the law which kills, rather than the Spirit of the law which gives life.

On the other hand, God's commandments are "exceedingly broad." They are more than perfect, they are truth. They are the breath of God--His Spirit and His Word. They are His thoughts and His heart. His truth brings freedom. His truth encourages creativity and growth. His truth is His heart and is mingled with love. It contains hope and faith. It's full of mercy and forgiveness. It's all that the Spirit of God is. Jesus said to be perfect as our Father in Heaven is perfect. Rather than looking to our limiting idea of perfection, we follow His. Rather than defining holiness and righteousness as we think it should be, we look to His defining truth. Rather than trying to judge the end from the beginning, we walk with Him from where we are now and go forward embracing His Spirit and truth--worshiping Him in Spirit and in truth.

The standard that Truth uses are things like the righteousness of God, the judgment of God, the holiness of God and the love of God. However these are not limiting as man's ways are, but they bring creativity and growth as the Holy Spirit flows from man. The "correctness" of truth is not in the end result so much as it is in the seed that its birthed from. As we are filled with God's Holy Spirit, then what flows out from us will be truth. It will be His life, love and the Spirit of all He is. It will be His nature expressed through the creative gifting we've been given from Him.

Usually, we fall into perfection because we don't want to forget truth. We receive a revelation of truth and recognize how important it is to remember. Yet if we don't mix the truth we hear with faith then we end up trusting ourselves to try and preserve this truth. We must have faith in God who holds it all together. We can't try and contain His truths into something we become the keeper of. The Most High God sees things from a perspective higher than ours. Yes, we are seated with Him in heavenly places, and we need to see things from this place, but we must remember it's the word of His power who holds it all together. It's His thoughts, His mind, His ways and His truth that we must seek to live by, and as we do we live in freedom that perfection could never bring.

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